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Supplying bunkers is traditionally a low margin and high volume business. It is a volatile environment where managing profitability is challenging. Whether it is trading, customer management, operations, inventory or credit – all functions are heavily dependent on a 360 degree view of the deal throughout the lifecycle. A bad deal can at best lose some money or reduce the margin and at worst result in negative margins!
This is how Bunkertech helps you
Bunkertech is the smart way to effectively streamline and manage your end-to-end bunker operations. It provides the information that is vital to help physical suppliers plan, think and act clearly in today’s dynamic environment. It achieves this through an integrated supply chain management system that provides visibility of the profit throughout the supply chain of a deal. This means trading, credit, risk, operations and inventory can all access and add to the information recorded on each bunker transaction.

In Bunkering it is vital that the correct information pre-deal and post-deal is given to the right people in the organisation, at the right time. The integrated process flows in Bunkertech help you capture all your inputs, process them and present the reports in the way that best suits your business.
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Bunker supplier
We understand the way you trade
Success lies in how best you negotiate with the two parties involved in each bunker deal – your supplier and your buyer. Although not involved in the physical supply of bunkers or operations you still face financial risks. Can you strike a deal with the best price that gives you the margin you expected? To be effective it is important to have control over your credit management in order to avoid funding problems. You need to have the right information at right time to make those critical business decisions.
This is how Bunkertech can help you
Bunkertech’s Trade application gives you the tools to quickly and easily capture details of each deal and saves you time in sending confirmations. Its RFQ feature helps you find suppliers in any given port and send RFQs to them fast. It also helps you to check the credit balance and credibility of the buyers. In addition, Treasurytech, Bunkertech’s automated treasury management application gives you visibility to your cash flow and finance, vital to ensuring every transaction delivers the margins expected.
Recommended applications
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