Who is it for
Anyone who purchases bunker fuel and looking to optimize their fuel procurement strategies with better cost control

For Who
Any company selling bunker fuel and looking to optimise their fuel supply strategies.
What is Bunkertech?

Bunkertech is a cloud-based end-to-end bunker supply management system. It is the smart way to effectively manage your complete bunker supply business, giving you an integrated, real-time view of your bunkering operations.

Drawing on Inatech's deep knowledge and experience of the bunkering market, the Bunkertech solution has been developed to handle the different needs of the bunkering industry from traders (through back-to-back RFQs), suppliers with inventory buying under Term Contract or in Spot Market to bulk suppliers, who need to match bulk purchases with sales.

It is an off the shelf solution that easily integrates with existing applications. It allows bunkering companies to do profitable deals by streamlining trading, credit, cash flow, operations and if required inventory.

Bunkertech delivers. One client saw productivity gains across their organisation as a result of implementing Bunkertech including 20% more orders processed by the same team; a 30% performance improvement in credit processing; invoice accuracy up 25%; and an increase in inventory management and gain/loss analysis by 15%.
Business challenges

In today’s low margin bunkering business, companies face a number of challenges including:

  • Matching supply and demand
  • Managing credit and liquidity
  • Handling oil price volatility
  • Quoting competitive prices
  • Dealing with operational complexities
  • Monitoring inventory management and costing
  • Managing financial instruments
  • Making decisions without accurate business data or analytics.
By working with a large number of bunkering companies, Inatech understands the business challenges faced and has developed the solutions needed to overcome them.
Business benefits

Bunkertech delivers business benefits right across the organisation from the CEO, to business users to the IT department.

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    Traders and Back Office
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Senior Management
Manage your bunker operations, real-time

Empower your traders to trade faster and more effectively

Bunkertech provides traders with real-time information at their fingertips allowing them to respond faster and fine-tune their buying and selling strategies on a trade/service/vessel basis. With Bunkertech they can evaluate their profit and loss in real-time taking negotiation to another level by allowing them to conduct multiple negotiations in an easy manner while ensuring adequate market coverage.

Make informed decisions quicker

No longer will you need to wait to get the information needed to make informed decisions about your bunkering business. Through easy to access dashboards and reports you can see inventory levels, get cash flow forecasts, manage finance and track and analyse claims.

Avoid costly credit mishaps

Bunkertech features a buyer performance dashboard to ensure the ship operator is credit worthy, avoiding potential credit related issues. Bunkertech also provides a comprehensive view of the market, risk exposures, and the profit and loss implications of decisions.

Bunkertech scales as your business grows

Bunkertech is easily integrated and highly scalable, so it can grow and evolve with your business.

Business Users – Traders and Back Office
Time is money

Streamline operations and sell more

Deal entry screens provide quick access to all the relevant information needed to sell. Bunkertech includes everything from counterparty performance, vessel history, market prices, minimum selling price etc. By having this information readily available, you can make informed decisions quickly.

Easy to use

Intuitive user interfaces for inquiry/ order capture, intelligent credit checking and approval mechanisms, standard order confirmation emails and a sophisticated system to handle multiple deliveries, make Bunkertech quick to learn and easy to use.

Optimise your operational costs

Bunkertech gives you a holistic view of the tank balances and schedules helping you to better plan the deliveries and reduce delivery costs.

Control your inventory losses

Bunkertech calculates the expected quantity and quality of the inventory, based on physical movements. Once the physical tank balances are integrated into the system, you can clearly see the difference between what is expected and what is available. This provides better control over inventory and thus reduces losses.

IT Users
No integration headaches

Integration is fast

Bunkertech provides standard APIs so it easily integrates with ERP systems and other back office applications such as financial applications or market price feeds.

Intuitive for users

Ease of use is central to Bunkertech’s design. A single sign-on provides easy and secure access for users. Screens and dashboards are intuitive, simplifying training and set up and Bunkertech’s mobile compatible web interfaces enable 24/7 access for users.


Bunkertech incorporates all the latest security features as standard. It also includes role level security administration for added protection.

Scalable and customisable if needed

Bunkertech is highly scalable and if needed can be customised to meet any specific business needs you might have.

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