Trading challenges
In today’s volatile marketplace bunker suppliers face numerous challenges including:
  • Matching supply and demand
  • Handling oil price volatility
  • Controlling or managing credit and insurance limits
  • Delayed payments from customers
  • Poor visibility of funding costs
  • Predicting margins or maintaining the margin
  • Issues in reconciling physicals
  • Access to the right data at the right time in order to make critical business decisions.
This application helps
Efficiently manage your core bunkering business from trading, contract management and operations through to credit control and delivery, streamlining processes and delivering the sustained competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s market.
Features & Benefits
Trade - Buy and sell, contract management
  • Improve sales/margins
    • Respond quicker to enquiries
    • Manage Contract Vs Spot selling
    • Manage complex formula trades
    • Enhance your trading cycle.
  • Bring efficiency to your operations
  • Process up to 20% more orders using the same resources
  • Manage the quantity, quality and dollar value of your inventory.
    • Easily record all delivery details including the BDN and track progress throughout the supply chain.
Contract management
    • Tailor your contracts using different formulas and market instruments
    • Be on top of your deals
    • Access to specific support for contract and spot selling
    • Contracts can be fixed or use formula pricing
    • Contracts can be created for one or more products.
  • Each delivery can be tested for quality and the results can be shared with counterparties.
  • Once the delivery is complete invoice creation is automated and sent to the appropriate parties.
Credit control
  • Easily calculate costs
  • Improve invoice accuracy by up to 25%
  • Manage your credit risks better
  • Improve your credit control
  • Deliver up to a 30% performance improvement in credit processing.
  • Disputes on quality, quantity etc. can be recorded and processed.
When it comes to inventory management bunker suppliers often struggle to:
Monitor their actual inventory position Be aware of the actual cost of inventory Manage inventory gains or losses
This application helps
Provide a complete view of your inventory right across the supply chain. This enables you to:
Control inventory losses Accurately view your inventory in real-time Monitor, in real-time, the cost of in-tank and in-transit inventory
Features & Benefits
Inventory Management
  • A comprehensive inventory management system capable of handling all types inventory movements in real-time.
Inventory Control
  • Easily track and monitor inventory movement, trades and operational gains or losses.
Inventory Statistics
  • Report on inventory at the micro level on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
In an industry where bunker fuel suppliers require large amounts of working capital, it is essential to be able to easily answer three key questions:
  • How much cash does the company have?
  • Is there sufficient cash to meet my current operating needs today?
  • What is the best interest rate currently available from all my different lines of credit?
This application helps
Automate and streamline your treasury operations, giving you a real-time view of your finances through a single dashboard.

Treasury application equips CFOs and treasurers with a consolidated, real-time view of their cash-position, finances and credit lines allowing them to facilitate better and quicker decision-making.
Features & Benefits
Automated cash flow management
  • Clear visibility of cash flow and facility utilisation ensures the effective use of lines of credit.
Bank facility management
  • Easily handles multiple banks, facilities and instruments.
Collaterals management, bank reconciliations, loans and deposit management
  • Automation reduces errors and increases efficiency

  • Automated processes ensures quick and efficient data flow, data security and data auditability.
Comprehensive reporting to support the complete treasury process
  • Extensive range of reports including reporting on credit facilities available, treasury deals and current liquidity, simplifies decision making.
Forex deal management
  • Capture the cash flow impact from a forex deal
  • Handles Spot and Future Forex deals
  • Passes appropriate journal entries to account the impact in bank balances and the pnl arising from the forex deal due to exchange differences.
Industry standard APIs
  • Seamlessly integrates with any accounting system.
The bunker sales process can be complex and involve multiple stakeholders such as buyers, agents, brokers, physical suppliers, vessels and operators.

This makes understanding your performance, monitoring the supply chain and making decisions challenging especially when:
  • Information is out of date or not available
  • Reports aren’t easily accessible or online
  • Data is stored across multiple spreadsheets managed by different teams
  • Information isn’t integrated with other applications
This application helps
Provide a 360 degree view of your bunkering business using easy to use dashboards and reports in one, easy to access location.
Features & Benefits
Interactive dashboards
  • Provide detailed analysis for the strategic, tactical and operational workforce.
Drill down reports
  • Turn data into action-orientated knowledge.
Ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Provide operational intelligence reporting.
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